VoieAlternative.org • Digtal Arts Collective

Voie Alternative is a multidisciplinary psychedelic art & music collective based in Eastern Canada, Quebec. We are a small crew of psychedelic advocates that gathered together to support the local psychedelic scene and the international counterculture movement. We believe that art & music should be accessible to anyone in our society and that the desire of money shouldn’t influence the artistic community in any way. Everyone should be able to afford an art print in our industrialized countries where culture of consumerism is worshipped without any question.

Cognitive freedom starts with art & music, they can extend our consciousness, while allowing us to share knowledge in an universal language. In a way, they once were the most primitive ways to express ourselves, as today they are the roots of Humanity. If we’re not here to experiment the sound or enjoy visual stimulation, what would keep us here?